Kamwenja Teachers' College | Dean of Students
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Dean of Students

Jayne - DOS



The office of the Dean of Students caters for students’ welfare. It is in charge of students’ accommodation, catering, healthcare, clubs and societies, governance, leave, entertainment, guidance and counselling, games and sports. Our college has several games that students are encouraged to participate in for both leisure and at competitive levels. These games include Soccer, Handball, Volleyball, Netball and Hockey and Athletics for both men and women.

We have eleven clubs and four societies. These clubs are Drama, Music, Debate, Wildlife, Art, Rovers and Rangers, Environmental, Health Club, Mathematics, Science and Martial Arts (Karate). The societies in our college are Catholic Action, Seventh Day Adventist, Young Muslim Association and Christian Union. We encourage all our students to be members of at least one club and a society.

The above games, sports, clubs and societies ensure that our students have a comfortable learning experience in the college and make use of their leisure time constructively. They also enable our college to produce all round teachers who can easily adapt in the teaching fraternity anywhere in the world.


Mrs. Mary Macharia

Dean of Students