Kamwenja Teachers' College | Dean of Curriculum
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Dean of Curriculum

Gachago - DOCThe Dean of Curriculum in a Primary Teachers’ College plays a crucial role in curriculum implementation. In some institutions, the office of the Dean of Curriculum is referred to as the office of the dean of studies or the office of the academic registrar.


The responsibilities of the Dean of Curriculum include:


  • Selection, registration and orientation of new students;
  • In charge of curriculum implementation;
  • Co-ordinates internal and external examinations;
  • Ensures that the teaching timetable is made and adhered to;
  • Organizes teaching practice;
  • Supervises teaching;
  • Presents students for graduation;
  • Co-ordinates all Heads of Departments on curriculum issues;
  • Induction of new tutors;
  • Keeps students’ academic records;
  • Supervises all curriculum programmes;
  • Any other duty assigned by the principal from time to time.


Mr. George Gachago

Dean of Curriculum